Cafe Hideout is an offbeat restro-cafe with an exceptional quality of food and beverages. It is a positive vibe hub with minimal yet stylish ambiance.

The Hideout Story

Since starting days Café Hideout became one of the preferred places for dine and sit out for people. It serves wide range of tastiest food and refreshing beverages. Variety and consistency became our pillars in carving the success trajectory. Fueled with passion and energy we have decided to make this a multi-outlet startup in emerging markets of the country and thus we started expansion in year 2019. We aspire to become a neighborhood café of every Indian.

Vision & Mission

To celebrate the story of human spirit. We believe that coffee & food has magic. It can get smile to any depressed soul. It can energize the atmosphere. We aim to focus on what we serve you. We do not limit our goal with numbers but we do it with your personal experience here. We wish to become your neighborhood café. We wish to focus on your cup of coffee.

Second Home Experience

At Hideout your experience remains our prime focus. We focus on every minute detail to make you feel relaxed. We believe in making your day!

We not only serve your order but we also create an offbeat ambience with relaxing environment. Right from food, service, cleanliness to music; everything is well addressed to suit your mood. Be it a break from work amidst busy day or friends reunion or even a casual daily sit-out, we have made this place with utmost passion believing that anyone can spend the perfect me-time moment here by pampering himself/herself.

The vibe of Café Hideout is distinctly minimal, intimate, self pampering and hooping.

Visiting Hideout is all about exploring yourself. It’s your time. It’s an experience focus on you.

Man Behind Cafe Hideout :

Founder & CEO - Anjesh Shandilya

Anjesh Shandilya is an engineering graduate of 2011 batch. After working at top position of a realty firm, he started his own venture in 2015. Since then he has been working with entrepreneur zeal to create a mark in industry. In 2018 He started Redbrick Retail, a company that owns the brand Café Hideout. Working with energy and passion on this startup, He started expanding Café Hideout. In year 2019 Hideout started multi-outlet operations and within one year it became one of the most sought after food destination of the city. Under his leadership company is developing many outlets in pipeline and by the end of 2021 we would be serving to many cities of India. He also aims to develop an Internet Restaurant that can serve wholesome experience of wonderful dining at your home and any other preferred remote location. His work has been recognized at multiple forums and he has received several awards for Café Hideout.

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