Yellow Dal
Yellow lentils tempered with butter & cumin

Dal Jaipuri
Simple & nutritious fusion of dal seasoned with Ajwain & Papad

Dal Makhani
Black lentils simmered overnight, cooked with spices and tomatoes & finished with cream and butter

Dal Makhani Jeera Tadka
Dal Makhani temepered with cumin seeds

Vegetable dishes

Jeera Aloo
Boiled potatoes, sautéed in mild spices and roasted cumin seeds

Gobi Masala
Cauliflower fried and sautéed in spicy masala gravy

Mix Veg
Fresh vegetables cooked together in spices & herbs in a rich semi-dry sauce

Dum Aloo
Perfectly sautéed potatoes, slow-cooked in smooth & aromatic gravy

Bhindi Do Pyaza
Stir fried lady’s finger with onion and prepared in spicy Indian curry

Bhindi Kurkuri
Crispy & deep fried preparation of lady’s finger

Pindi Chana
A traditional preparation of chickpeas in tomatoes and onions

Palak Corn
A healthy spinach & corn kernels preparation

Matar Methi Malai
Peas sautéed with fenugreek leaves in creamy curry

Veg Kofta
Balls made of fried mixed vegetable and potato served in a smooth spiced curry

Sabzi Miloni
An exclusive recipe of mix vegetables sautéed to perfection

Matar Mushroom
Sautéed mushrooms and boiled green peas simmered in rich creamy gravy

Tawa Mushroom
Semi-dry preparation of mushrooms tossed on skillet

Mushroom Do Pyaza
Semi-dry preparation of button mushrooms with onion in spicy curry

Soya Chaap Curry
Layered soya preparation in creamy and mildly spicy flavourful gravy

Navratan Korma
A delectable assortment of vegetables and fruits in an intense gravy

Malai Kofta
Minced cheese balls sautéed in cream sauce with raisins and cashews

Kadai Paneer
Indian cottage cheese prepared with freshly pounded spices

Paneer Tikka Masala
Cubed Indian cottage cheese cooked in tandoor and prepared in Indian gravy

Paneer Butter Masala
Indian cottage cheese prepared in rich, creamy & smooth gravy

Paneer Lababdar
Luscious combination of Indian cottage cheese and exotic gravy

Paneer Do Pyaza
Semi-dry preparation of Indian cottage cheese with onion in spicy curry

Paneer Bhurji
Spicy scrambled Indian cottage cheese in semi-dry style

Tawa Paneer
Marinated Indian cottage cheese with spices & prepared on skillet

Shahi Paneer
The royal preparation of Indian cottage cheese in thick & creamy gravy

Matar Paneer
A delicious combination of Soft cottage cheese and healthy peas

Palak Paneer
Fresh spinach cooked with cottage cheese in herbs & spices

Non Veg Main Course

Egg Curry
Whole eggs in spicy, flavorful & delicious curry made in Indian style

Chicken Curry
Lightly spiced pieces of chicken cooked in a mild spicy curry

Chicken Saag Wala
Tender chicken with spinach and mild spices

Chicken Tikka Masala
Tandoori boneless chicken with tomatoes, onions, garlic and bell pepper

Kadhai Chicken
Chicken cooked with spicy taste and usage of capsicum & spices

Chicken Rara
Flavoursome Chicken prepared in thick curry

Tawa Chicken
Delicious marinated & roasted chicken tossed on skillet

Chicken Lababdar
Luscious combination of chicken and exotic gravy

Chicken Butter Masala
Chicken prepared in rich, creamy & smooth gravy

Butter Chicken
Chicken in buttery tomato sauce, punctuated by several special spices

Murgh Musallam
Chicken subtly flavoured with Indian spices and cooked in onion based gravy

Mutton Rogan josh
Tender lamb cooked with yogurt and sautéed in Indian spices & curry

Mutton Lal Maas
Mutton dish prepared in curd & fiery hot red curry

Mutton Rara
Mutton steeped in gravy of spicy mince, soaked with rare spices

Bhuna Mutton
Pan-fried meat with Indian spices

Mutton Keema Curry
Meat delicacy prepared using minced mutton & Indian spices in curry

Fish Curry
Fish prepared in mild spicy curry in Indian Style

Fish Tawa
Semi-dry preparation of Fish tossed on skillet

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